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“Warehouse” is the name given to storage facilities that hold goods in the United States. These spaces are used by importers, exporters, and distributors who need to keep their goods in a secure location until they reach their final destination.

If your goal is to open a company in the United States that will sell products to Americans, it is essential that you have a warehouse. This warehouse should have some specific characteristics that facilitate the administration of your company, even remotely.

What are the characteristics you should consider when choosing a warehouse?


The first consideration when choosing your warehouse is its location. It should be in a city with good transportation modes, ensuring that the item reaches its final destination quickly.

If your products come from China, for example, it is also interesting that your warehouse is located in a state with easy access to ports. This ensures that the item arrives at your warehouse more quickly and with fewer chances of loss during transportation.

Since your business will be operated from Brazil, it is also interesting to choose a U.S. state with a small time zone difference. If you choose a warehouse in California, for example, you may face a time difference of up to six hours. It is ideal to opt for alternatives that have only a few hours’ difference from your Brazilian city.


Price is an important detail when choosing a warehouse. It is essential to consider all the benefits offered by the warehouse, not just the storage service. The staff of this establishment will be responsible for handling and delivering the products, and all of this has a cost.

Put all the facilities offered by the warehouse on paper and see which one offers the best cost-benefit ratio.

Portuguese-speaking customer service

You will be operating a business remotely, from Brazil. To facilitate the day-to-day operation of your business, choose a warehouse that offers customer service in Portuguese. This avoids any communication failures in your business.

Warehouse suitable for your business

The United States has various warehouses, each with its own business profile. When choosing your warehouse, choose one that is suitable for your segment. Are you going to store only a few items for your e-commerce? Some warehouses may not want to do business with you because they only handle large volumes. Do you intend to receive containers full of products? Then focus on warehouses that have space for your goods, with good cost-benefit.

Each type of product requires specific handling. Make sure the chosen option will properly care for your items.

Order automation

It is essential that the chosen warehouse has order automation integrated with your online store. This ensures that as soon as an item is purchased on your site, the packaging team already knows that they need to assemble the package.

Qualified workforce

Last but not least, it is essential that the chosen warehouse has a qualified workforce to handle your items. If the items you intend to store require specific care, check if the chosen warehouse has the capacity to meet your demands.

After understanding all the characteristics of a good warehouse, it’s time to understand how the United States postal system works and how to save on your product logistics.

How do United States postal services work?

The next step in ensuring good logistics for your products in the United States is to choose the right delivery method. For this, it is important to understand how the American postal services work.

The USPS (United States Postal Service) is equivalent to our Brazilian Post Office. Like the Brazilian delivery system, it offers various prices that vary according to delivery urgency, size, and volume.

UPS, FedEx, and DHL are private companies with advanced technology and a broad network that offer more elaborate services and excellent cost-benefit for products with added value or larger volume.

How to ensure good price negotiation with carriers?

To ensure a good negotiation with the American postal services, it is essential to have a volume of goods. This allows prices to be lower.

But what to do when your American company does not have a large volume of shipments? The solution is to use a warehouse that already has negotiations with these carriers. By working with packages from dozens of companies, these warehouses already have a good relationship with postal services and the ability to negotiate.

So, which warehouse to choose to store and dispatch my products in the United States?

One warehouse that has all these characteristics is the Company Combo warehouse, located in Orlando. In total, we have our own 11,000 sqft warehouse capable of housing anything from small loads to containers full of products.

Our main focus is to serve Brazilians who want to do business in the United States. Therefore, we have a qualified team that speaks Portuguese and operates in a time zone that works well for those in Brazil.

We process and consolidate your orders, forwarding these items to the end customer with agility and care. Additionally, we have direct integration with major American marketplaces and good negotiation with American postal services. This ensures that your products are sent to the final consumer at more affordable prices.

To learn more about our prices and logistics services in the United States, visit this link.

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